B&H Politicians Did Not Reach an Agreement in Brussels

briselsastanakB&H leaders have still not reached an agreement on the implementation of the judgment of the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for the case Sejdić – Finci, which is necessary to unblock the European path for B&H.

High-level discussions between the European Commission and B&H on the implementation of the judgment Sejdić – Finci and B&H coordination mechanisms with the EU were held in Brussels, but no agreement was reached. Almost four years ago the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg ruled in favor of Dervo Sejdić and Jakob Finci and demanded B&H ensure minorities the opportunity to be candidates for the Presidency of B&H and to participate in the House of Peoples of the State Parliament.

The leaders of the main political parties in B&H have tried many times to agree on this matter and especially when the international community insisted, but so far, no agreement is reached.

For the past four years several models on this matter are defined , but none of them was acceptable to all. Therefore, the leaders of the European Union nine days ago called the political leaders, but no agreement was reached, neither then, nor today.

At the last meeting in Brussels on 1 October, leaders of political parties of B&H signed the principles for the implementation of the decisions “Sejdić and Finci”, which states that the members of the Presidency of B&H will be elected directly – one member from RS and two from the FB&H.

The press conference which was planned after the meeting is canceled.


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