B&H Women Parliamentarians at the World Forum of Women in Parliaments

briselOn the occasion of marking 120 years since women started voting on elections, Brussels will organize the World Forum of Women in Parliaments from 27-29 November.

The representatives of B&H Parliamentary Assembly Milica Marković, Ismeta Dervoz, Azra Hadžiahmetović and Vesna Krstović-Spremo and the envoy of House of Peoples of B&H Parliamentary Assembly Nermina Kapetanović will attend the Forum, where the transformation of society through women’s leadership, the role of women in peace building, the role and importance of women in changing the world as well as the security and integrity of people will be discussed.

Also, participants will exchange opinions in regard to women’s position in bridging social gaps, the influence of elected women in parliaments, corruption as a form of damaging progress and the role of parliaments in achieving gender equality.

(Source: Fena)

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