Bosniaks building the first Mosque in the US State of Iowa

Mosque Iowa novovrijeme.baAround 10,000 Bosniaks who live in the US State of Iowa are to get a modern Islamic center with a mosque. The cornerstone for this impressive building will be set on December 19, and the donors’ night will be organized on the same day.

Imam in the capital of Iowa Des Moines, Nermin ef. Spahić, said that he is happy that Bosniaks in this beautiful American state will have an Islamic center which will gather them and strengthen their identity.

This will be the first mosque in Iowa. Some of the facilities in this state have earlier been used as masjids, one house in Cedar Rapids has also been turned into a mosque with a small minaret, but there has never existed a single mosque constructed as such from the foundations up. Bosniaks will build the first one!

“I am happy that Bosniaks have not made a skewer out of the hilt of the flag which they had brought here. Instead, they are preserving their faith jealously. Bosniaks set the foundations to an institutions which is to represent a place where it will be taught about Islam,” ef. Spahić said.

The mosque which will be built in Iowa will bear the name “Es-salaam”. The memorial plaque will state: “In the name of Allah the merciful, the compassionate, December 19, 2015, Garner – Iowa, good Bosniaks laid a foundation stone for the first mosque ‘Es-salaam’. We are building this mosque in peace, out of love, thankful that the Creator has given us the opportunity to enjoy the blessings of peace. May Allah bless America”.

The ef. Spahić praises the local authorities who supported them in their endeavors to get an Islamic center.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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