Bosnian Alma Zadic is the Future Justice Minister in Austria


Alma Zadic, a Bosnian born in Tuzla, is the future justice minister in the new Austrian government, said that with passion, knowledge and expertise, work should be done for society and the country, Oslobodenje news portal reports.

“The challenging phase of the negotiations, which we have bravely faced, is over. We have presented a government agreement today. We have set our guidelines and continue to work with passion and competence for our society,” Zadic wrote on social media.

Alma Zadic fled from her native Tuzla to Vienna in 1994, graduated from the Faculty of Law in Austria and then studied in New York at Columbia University.

When she returned from America, she earned her doctorate in law in Austria, where she worked as a lawyer for seven years.

Since 2017, she has been an MP in the Austrian Parliament, first for Pilc, and then for the Greens in the last election.

After the Austrian Conservatives People’s Party (OeVP) and the Greens reached an agreement on the coalition, party leaders on Thursday also announced a government program focusing on issues such as tax regulation, irregular migration and internal integration.

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