Bulent Arinc: BiH is a Prototype of Multi-ethnic, Multi-religious and Multi-cultural Life in the Balkans

BiH is the prototype of a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural life in the Balkans, and in this country political stability is necessary in order to create a spirit of unity, said the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Bulent Arinc to students in the University of Zenica.

Arinc arrived in BiH yesterday for a two-day visit.

During his presentation, he stressed that co-existence of different peoples in peace, tolerance and mutual respect is the tradition in the capital city of BiH and in other Balkan countries.

The efforts of Croatia, Serbia, BiH and other countries in the region aim to join the EU, and the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister assessed the need for progress and security in the Balkans. He called on states in the region to strengthen cooperation with one another and take the initiative so that the Balkans would be recognized in a wider context.

“The trilateral process that began in October 2009 at the friendly initiative of Turkey is aimed at that goal. Until today, in the trilateral process of Turkey-BiH-Serbia six meetings at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and two meetings at the level of the Presidency were held. In May of this year a third trilateral summit is planned. In the framework of the trilateral process between Turkey-BiH-Croatia four meetings at the level of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs was held. We see that there has been significant progress in the trilateral process, and the level of current cooperation has increased. We attach great importance to these processes and are committed to their continuation’’, said Arinc.

The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister stressed that his country lends significant support to the process of BiH integration in NATO and the EU, and noted that Turkey has granted an interest-free loan of 100 million Euros to lend support to returnees, and that the Turkish Army will continue to contribute to peace in BiH.

As a basic principle of Turkish policy in the Balkans, Arinc stated the ambition to build a region where integration, cultural harmony and tolerance are at the forefront.

“Our priority goals is that through these principles and policies provide the citizens of the Balkans a prosperous life. BiH, and especially the youth, deserve a much better life. In fact, you have a lot more potential. History is replete with examples of outstanding skills and craftsmanship that live in this area’’, said Arinc.

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