Certain Snickers Chocolate Bars to be pulled from BiH Market

12596470_1732857816950895_1099366268_nMars South Central Europe GmbH, in cooperation with its authorized distributor Ataco doo Mostar, as a measure of precaution are withdrawing certain Snickers Multipack (4×50 g) from the market of BiH, producer Mars Nederland BV, Veghel, Netherlands, due to the possible presence of pieces of plastic in the product.

Withdrawal is applied only to the product Snickers Multipack, package of 4 chocolate bars 50 grams each, with a lot number 601A2NLDO3 and expiration date August 7, 2016, which are produced in the Netherlands.

“This is an isolated case. None other type of chocolate, packaging size or the size of chocolate bar is not affected, nor are other lot numbers or expiration dates or products produced on another location,” as stated from Mars South Central Europe GmbH.

It was also added that Ataco doo Mostar received none consumer complaints.

Consumers who have this Snickers multipack product are urged not to consume it, and to contact the following e-mail for further information: info.mostar@ataco-bih.com .

“Mars South Central Europe GmbH and Ataco doo Mostar are sorry for any inconvenience caused to our customers. We ask all of our consumers of products Snickers to accept our sincere apologies,” as said in a statement.

(Source: klix.ba)

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