Conference by Inter religious Council of BiH held in capital Sarajevo

The importance of strengthening the Inter-Dialogue in local communities of Bosnia and Herzegovina “is the theme of the conference opened in Sarajevo by the President of the Assembly of the Inter-Religious Council (MRV) in BiH, Husejin Smajic.

“MRV remains deeply dedicated to interreligious dialogue in order to build a more functional and just society for all residents. Through its work, experience and established network of activities, it places itself as a relevant and reliable associate, which helps establishing a better society,” said Smajic.

He expressed satisfaction with the participation of members and activists from 15 local committees for interreligious cooperation and religious officials from BiH in the work of the conference which promotes messages of peace and reconciliation.

“Through these 15 committees established throughout BiH, activities are being carried out by programs that confirmed that through communion and at the same time in the fullness of their diversity, it is possible to achieve a great deal for their community. They have shown even more that positive works and messages are moving strongly and overcoming seemingly irresistible obstacles spreading good. In all of this, we can witness the power and beauty of faith, because it teaches us that by doing so we are doing good to ourselves by spreading and doing good to others, “Smajic said.

He said that the protection of human rights and dignity are essential field of action of religious communities and churches in BiH and that everyone should accept the fact that human beings, naturally different in their religious beliefs, speeches, behaviors and values have the right to live in peace.

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