Continuation of Trial in Case of Jahja Vukovic, accused of Participating in Terrorist Activities

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced the continuation of the trial of Jahja Vukovic, accused of participating in terrorist activities in Syria.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, having conducted a regular two-month review of pre-trial custody, issued a Decision in the case of Jahja Vuković on 18 March 2021, terminating the pre-trial custody of the accused ordered and continued by Court’s Decisions dated, respectively, 27 October 2020 and 18 January 2021. 

The accused is to be released forthwith upon surrendering to the Court of BiH all the valid travel documents issued to him, at his disposal or under his control, or supply proof that he does not possess such documents. Pursuant to Articles 123, 126 and  126a Paragraph 1(d) of the CPC BiH, the following prohibiting measures are imposed on the accused Jahja Vuković: ban on leaving the place of residence and travel ban under Article 126 Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the CPC BiH, and the accused is prohibited from leaving the place of residence.

Under this decision, the accused’s movement is restricted to the territory of Maglaj Municipality and he is not allowed to leave this territory without a prior  approval from this Court unless the reason for leaving the territory is to appear in this criminal matter answering a summons of either the Court or the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH. The  accused is prohibited from traveling outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina /BiH/. For the purpose of implementing this ban, the accused’s valid travel documents are seized and he is to surrender them to the Court without delay.

No new travel documents may be issued to the accused and he is also prohibited from crossing the State border using his ID card. The said measures will be enforced by the Border Police of BiH by entering the referenced ban into the Information System of the Border Police. The authority responsible for issuing ID cards is instructed to comply with, respectively, the provisions of Article 18 of the Law on Identity Card of Citizens of BiH and the Regulation on Entering a Ban on Crossing the State Border in the Identity Card of a Citizen of BiH.

The imposed prohibiting measures will last for as long as necessary, but may not exceed the date of finality of a judgment if the accused is not sentenced to imprisonment or until the referral to serve his sentence if the accused is sentenced to imprisonment, i.e. a different decision of the Court. Pursuant to Article 126b Paragraph 6 of the CPC BiH, the measures will be reviewed every two months.

The Maglaj PS and the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be responsible for the implementation of the imposed prohibiting measures. The accused is warned that he will be ordered into pre-trial custody if he fails to comply with the measured imposed by the said decision. The accused Jahja Vukovic is charged with the criminal offense of Organizing a Terrorist Group under Article 202d Paragraph 2 in conjunction with the criminal offense of Terrorism under Article 201 of the Criminal Code of BiH.

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