Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina ordered Custody to Five Former ISIL Fighters


The Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina, on a motion by the Prosecution, ordered a one-month detention of five citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina who were members of ISIL men and were deported to Syria last night.

These are Emir Alisic, Jasmin Keserovic, Hamza Labibi, Senad Kasupovic and Miralem Berbic.

They have been remanded in custody for fear of escaping, according to Avaz news portal.

Suspected persons who were transported to Bosnia-Herzegovina on Thursday are under investigation for criminal offenses of organizing a terrorist group (Art. 202d), unlawful formation and joining of foreign paramilitary formations (Art. 162b) and terrorism (Art. 201) of the Criminal Code of BiH.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH and relevant institutions and agencies have implemented activities in accordance with the international obligations of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in particular UN Security Council Resolution no. 2396 and other related resolutions, and the additional Council of Europe Protocol to the Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism (ETS 196), which Bosnia and Herzegovina has undertaken to respect and implement on the basis of membership of the United Nations and the Council of Europe, as well as membership of the Anti-Terrorist Coalition.

For some of these persons an international arrest warrant was issued by order of the Court of BiH, and after their transport to BiH, and the Prosecution continues their criminal prosecution in accordance with the law.

“The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH expresses its continued readiness and commitment in the implementation of counter-terrorism activities and commends the cooperation of all law enforcement agencies in BiH, and in particular the United States Government and the US Embassy in Sarajevo, for their support and assistance in the implementation of these activities,” was stated in the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH statement.



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