Croatian PM met with representatives of the Croat National Assembly in BiH

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic met yesterday night in Mostar with representatives of the Croat National Assembly (HNS) and said that he heard a common position on fundamental issues of the functioning of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

President of HDZ BiH and HNS Dragan Covic said that the Croatian Prime Minister came to Bosnia and Herzegovina during the severe political crisis and added that the atmosphere at today’s meetings in Sarajevo and Mostar was extremely optimistic, Fena news agency writes.

“Plenković came to encourage us as a great friend in talks on the executive and legislative power, to create internal order, an agreement between the representatives of the constituent peoples, to facilitate our path when it comes to electoral legislation, but also to tell us: agree and tell us how Croatia can help when it comes to internal, economic and social stability and when it comes to the European path,” said Covic at a press conference.

Plenković pointed out that it was extremely important for him to hear from representatives of various political options operating within the HNS “a clear and strong message of political consensus”.

“In these circumstances, when BiH is in a crisis for several months, it was important for me to hear the united position of the political representatives of the Croat people, not only the HDZ BiH, on the fundamental issue of the Election Law. That message is clear, it is based on adherence to what is the foundation, what is the constitutional framework of BiH, and that is one state, two entities, three equal constituent peoples and equality and rights of all others in BiH. It is important that we understand well that this is the common line of all Croat parties,” said the Croatian Prime Minister.

He called on participants from all parties involved in the negotiations on election legislation to reach a political consensus that would enable the quality functioning of BiH institutions in the future.

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