Cvijanovic: You cannot condemn the whole System because of One Photograph in Srebrenica


Republika Srpska entity President Zeljka Cvijanovic, commenting on the reactions to a photograph of children in Srebrenica wearing traditional costumes and Chetnik characteristics posted on social media with the inscription “Chetnik Brothers” pointed out that the whole system of education cannot be condemned on the basis of one picture.

“Photography, or anything that causes the negative emotions of others, does not necessarily mean that you have to condemn the whole system. It cannot be judged on the basis of a single photograph of what the system is like,” Cvijanovic told reporters in Banja Luka on Tuesday evening.

She emphasized that it is important that there are dedicated people in the education system of the Republika Srpska who are engaged in honorable work and that there are institutions that take care to advance the educational and educational process.

“That is why we are embarking on reforms to prepare our students so that they can reach quality jobs after graduation,” Cvijanovic says. Republika Srpska Education and Culture Minister Natalija Trivic said she was not aware of the case and could not comment on it.


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