On this Day, Oslobodjenje Building was burned

oslobodjenje building war sarajevoOn this day, in 1992, the Oslobodjenje building was burned, the first, but not the last time. It was burned with grenades and flammable bullets fired from Serbian positions in Nedzarici settlement. The attacks on Oslobodjenje have continued for months until the building was completely demolished.

During his attempt to extinguish one of the fires, Avdija Adzamija, a member of the Ali-pasa Bridge Firefighter Company was killed.

For months aggressor has not abandoned the goal of blocking and obstructing the work of all media in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). No one expected what happened the next morning after the building was destroyed. At 6 o’clock in the morning on the first page, there were the news about the fire and the message: ‘Oslobodenje-Liberation goes on.’

However, despite the catastrophic situation in Sarajevo, thanks to the sacrifice of its journalists and all other employees, in 1992, the daily newspaper Oslobodenje received the award Newspapers of the Year World Prize.

Three months later the Oslobodjenje building was burned for the second time. After this attack two skyscrapers were demolished.

On May 29th in 1992, the Magribi Mosque at the Marijin-Dvor settlement in Sarajevo was burned down.

(Source: nap)

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