Death Toll climbs to 54 in Bosnia and Herzegovina


In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1,413 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed so far, with 54 people dead, according to Bosnian Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Of the total number of confirmed cases, 611 are in Republika Srpska, 784 in the Federation of BiH, and 18 in the Brcko District.

A total of 21,432 people were tested, of which 9,118 in RS, 11,975 in FBiH and 339 in Brcko. 9,307 patients are being monitored, 3,631 in RS, 5,069 in FBiH and 607 in Brcko District.

54 people died – 20 in RS, 32 in FBiH and two in Brcko. A total of 485 people were cured, of which 306 in the RS, 169 in the FBiH and 10 in the Brcko District.

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