Deputy Ambassador of the UK in BiH visited Srebrenica

Deputy Ambassador of the UK in BiH Jo Lomas visited Srebrenica yesterday, where she talked with Head of Srebrenica Municipality Ćamil Duraković and his deputy Biljana Rakić and with the president of the Municipal Assembly Radomir Pavlović.

‘I came to see how does the coalition function after the elections, and to hear what are the priorities of Head of municipality We’ve tackled many issues and we’ve especially focused on economic improvement and development of Srebreniica’, said Lomas.

She noted that she discussed the issue of the Church in Dugo Polje with the authorities of Srebrenica, and expressed the hope that the ‘Church would be built on a place which less sensitive and which will be close to believers’.

Duraković said that during the meeting they talked about the conference of 19 local communities of Srebrenica and 19 donors. Lomas supported this initiative and announced that the representative of the UK Embassy will also be present at the conference.

‘We’ve talked about the church in Dugo Polje which is an important issue. They have their stance concerning the issue, but they’ve listened our stances as well. We hope that that problem will be solved as soon as possible’, said Duraković.

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