Donation of 1.500 Books Donated to University Libraries in the FBIH

Damir_MasicThe Minister of Education and Science of the FBIH Damir Mašić presented to representatives of university libraries throughout the FBIH a donation of 1.500 books in Sarajevo today.

He said that this donation proves that the Ministry continues to lend support to libraries of public institutions of higher education throughout the FBiH.

“I sincerely believe that these 1.500 copies (120 titles), which are recent university and scientific works, enrich the library fund of all higher education institutions in the FBiH and reach users and contribute to the development of the library, but also to the development of research and scientific thought. I believe that in addition to the contribution of the quality of services that university libraries provide, our cooperation also contributes to raising and developing awareness on the importance of education and science, or the role of the library in its development and significantly facilitate the work of academics and students’’, said Minister Mašić.

The FBIH Ministry of Education and Science also continuously supports publishing through a variety of programs, and primarily support programs through the issuing and purchase of reference of scientific literature and university textbooks.

Conducting complex reform processes in the area of science and higher education, which should contribute to a faster inclusion of BIH in the European research area and the European area of higher education, requires additional efforts from all their actors.

“Therefore, the FBIH Ministry of Education and Science recognized the role and importance of publishing and library activities in the realization of these reform goals. Thus, from 2007 until now, in the framework of various programs of support, in this area more than 2.000.000,00 KM has been invested. At the same time, libraries of institutions of higher learning received around 80 new science books and science journals, added that FBiH Minister of Education and Science.

Evidence of long-term successful cooperation of the FBiH Ministry of Education and Science and the National and University Libraries in BiH is today’s signing of the new treaty on the continuation of a functioning system “Register of Scientific Institutions, Scientific Personnel, Scientific Projects and Infrastructure Investment in the FBiH”.

Minister Mašić announced that the FBiH Ministry will support the preparation and realization of the international scientific conference called “100 Years Since the Beginning of the First World War”, which will be held in Sarajevo from 19-20 June next year under the organization of the Institute for History.

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