Eurovision Poll: Bosnian Team back on the top

12804574_1741425799427430_720631240_nThe song that will represent BiH at the Eurosong in Sweden is at the top again, according to the results of poll that included fans of Eurovision Song Contest and the number of views on YouTube.

Last week, the song fell on the 10th place, but BiH representatives are at the top again.

The song “Ljubav je” collected 10.93 % of the votes, and you can read on YouTube a lot of positive comments from the fans of Eurosong from all around the world.

Many of them are commenting the performance of Jala, stating that they especially like rap part of the song, while a lot of commenters wrote that BiH team could be a serious candidate for victory.

There are two more months until the Eurosong, and the competition will be held on the 14th of May in Stockholm.


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