Everything is Ready for Beginning of Production in Bileći

bile?ankaIn the facility of the textile conglomerate “Bilećanka”, everything is ready to start the sewing of garments that will employ 200 people, confirmed the Mayor of Bileća Miljan Aleksić.

He said that the implementation of textile production and employing new people here means economic revival.

Aleksić said that in this municipality around 2.500 people are waiting for a job, and that the realization of this project is only the beginning in resolving the years-long problem of unemployment.

The Mayor of Bileći said that in the facility “Bilećanke” the required material for sewing has arrived, and that all equipment and modern machinery has been procured.

According to his earlier announcements, hiring people for the second shift will provide employment for an additional 200 people.

The opening of this facility represents the first phase in the realization of the strategic project of launching and developing the textile industry in the RS, which is being jointly implemented by the companies “Nikola Tesla” from Banja Luka and the RS government.

According to him, “Nikola Tesla” whose founder is the RS government, intends to invest 20.690.000 KM for the development of the textile industry in Herzegovina this year, and in this way would employ around 2.500 people.

“With this project in Trebinje, around 800 people should be employed, in “Ljubinjke” from Ljubinja around 350, and Nevesinje “Fusolu” 400 people and 150 people in Berkovići.

The launch of production in the textile industry is expected for July in the facility “Ljubinjke”, and in September in Trebinje, as long as the construction works on the old building of the textile industry “Novoteks” finishes, where the construction of production facilities on four levels is planned.

“Nikola Tesla” bought the old building “Novoteks” in January for 400.000 KM, then part of the former manufacturing plant “Bilećanka”, as well as the building of the textile company “Ljubinjka-exsport” from Ljubinja with equipment at a cost of 245.000 KM.

The official opening of the production facility for the textile industry in Bileći is scheduled for Thursday, 16 May at 14:00.


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