Exhibition “Bosnia in Times of Ban Kulin” in Fortress in Travnik

exhibitionOn the occasion of the 825th anniversary of the issuance of the Charter of Kulin Ban, the exhibition under the name “Bosnia at the time of Ban Kulin” was opened yesterday. The exhibition is located in the Old Fortress in Travnik. The focus of the exhibition is to tell about the reign of Ban Kulin (1180-1204), which was labeled as a period when Bosnia had its full political, economic and cultural prosperity.

The special emphasis of the exhibition was given to the Charter of Kulin Ban, which represents a fundamental physical evidence of historical and legal-political existence of Bosnia. This part was prepared by Archives of Federation of BiH.

The Charter of Kulin Ban is called the birth certificate of the state of Bosnia. This is the first diplomatic document that was written by domestic letter bosančica.

Furthermore, other exhibits that talk about the economic, political, cultural and religious situation in Bosnia during the reign of Ban Kulin, can be seen on the exhibition as well.

The exhibition will be opened until 19th September.


(Source: Fena)


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