Exhibition ”Love Rhythm of Metropolis” in gallery ”Bela Vida” Sarajevo on 11 February

On the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day, in Sarajevo gallery ”Bela Vida” on 11 February, an exhibition ”Love Rhythm of Metropolis” will be opened, reports FENA.

Gallery is preparing a surprise for all visitors, in the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day.

Big city, whose night lights reach infinity, were inspiration of expert team of gallery for this 13th exhibition in their premises.

Amazed by every day sights, common, yet unusual and special loves on the streets of metropolis, expert team has created a pleasant and firm interior filled with cheerful details.

Surprising effects of eternal black-white combination, with sharp geometry are soothing, and bring the air of modernity.

In accordance with theme, in gallery ‘Bela Vida’, there will be an exhibition  of arts photographs by Amer Kapetanović named ‘Love Project’ , said the gallery.

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