Exhibition of three BiH artists has opened in Brussels

On 1 March, in the organisation of BiH Embassy in Brussels and in the cooperation with ”Preporod Gallery,  an exhibition of Mirsada Baljić, Ana Kovač and Irena Sladoje was opened on the occasion of Day of Independence of BiH in the premises of the Embassy.

The exhibition was opened by PhD Bisera Turković, Ambassador of BiH in the Kingdom of Belgium.

The authors of the exhibited art – Ana Kovač –sculpture and Mirsada Baljić and Irena Sladoje- paintings, thanked PhD Bisera Turković, the ambassador of BiH and the staff of the Embassy on the excellent realization of the exhibition which has the aim to establish the cultural dialogue between BiH and the capital of the EU and NATO.

The solemn opening ceremony and reception for the numerous visitors – ambassadors and diplomats accredited to Belgium, foreign diplomats from the EU and NATO and representatives of Association of BiH Citizens from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg was an excellent opportunity to improve the image of BiH and to promote cultural values of BiH in the heart of Europe.

Sophisticated sculptures of Ana Kovač whose art is interesting because it enriches both Sarajevo and Zagreb art scene; paintings of Mirsada Baljić with floral motifs and art of Irena Sladoje are a beautiful messenger of spring in Brussels.

The exhibition will be opened by 15 March and all interested art fans will be able to participate in cultural events as a part of ”Days of BiH in Belgium” in organisation of BiH Embassy in Brussels.

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