Film ‘Ostavljeni’ received an award

Film ’Ostavljeni’ (The Abandoned) directed by Adis Bakrač was awarded the second prize of the 2nd Balkan New Film Festival BaNeFF which was held in Stockholm and in other 11 cities of Sweden, like Malmo, Karlstad, Uppsala, etc.

‘This is the seventh award for this film, which is very important to author and to film production. I am happy because it is an award from the International Festival and the jury which consisted of students of Film Academy of Stockholm’, said Almir Šahinović.

‘Ostavljeni’ describe the consequences of war and post-Dayton transition of BiH, where every day is a struggle to survive, and one of leading roles is played by Mira Furlan.

Furlan said that she’s happy she had the opportunity to work on such a film, and she enjoyed working with children.


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