Forum on Domestic Production in BiH

ilid?aBurch University is organizing the first forum on domestic production in BIH, which will be held today on the campus of the University in Ilidža.

The goal of the forum is to raise awareness of the importance of buying local products and to support local producers, primarily for students and academics in BiH, and the exchange of opinions and knowledge on the newest trends in local production with the goal for the weaknesses and obstalces in this area to turn into an advantage.

The forum on local production has a special significance because it is about activities that are the result of student ideas and activism. The entire organization was conducted by a student club called Business Development Club, which operates at the Economics Faculty at Burch University with the help of the administration of the University. They are in cooperation with the Association “Buy and Use Local Quality Products from BiH”.

There will be a panel discussion at the forum on the topic: How to simulate a better environment for the development of the economy? (Speaker Predrag Praštalo, President of European Movement in BIH), How to improve promotion of local products (Speaker Faris Njemčević, CEO of VGT Insurance) and How to adjust education needs to the market? (Speaker Jasmin Bešić, Executive Director of Institute for Youth Development KULT).

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