Government accepted the Demands of Miners, Increase in Electricity Prices for 10% announced?

meeting with minersAfter a two and a half an hour long meeting of representatives of eight unions of coal miners in FB&H with the Prime Minister of the FB&H, Fadil Novalic, and the general director of the Elektroprivreda B&H, Elvedin Grabovica, the government representatives accepted the demands of miners and approved additional funds for electricity bills for coal mines.

At the annual level, those funds will amount to around 70 million BAM 0.1 pfennig per kW will be allocated from each electricity bill for that purpose. Therefore it could come to an increase in the electricity prices for consumers in the amount of around 10%.

Grabovica himself said this after the meeting.

“Electricity price will probably increase. One part of allocated funds will go for the revitalization of the coal mines, part of the funds is provided for the help to social  vulnerable categories while one part will be allocated for strengthening the creditworthiness of the coal mines“, said Grabovica.

In order for this agreement to become operative, it needs to be adopted by the Government of FB&H but the Parliament of FB&H as well.

As a reminder, yesterday’s meeting followed after members of the union announced demonstrations for today in Sarajevo. But, after reaching an agreement according to which the mentioned funds will be allocated from 1st November 2015, as miners requested, demonstrations were cancelled.

(Source: klix.ba/ Photo: faktor.ba)

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