Great Interest in attending the Pronouncement of the Verdict for Radovan Karadžić

12516026_1130526816998273_1120483951_nThe International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) stated that all available capacities in the building of the ICTY are filled due to large interest of the public in attending the pronouncement of verdict by the Trial Chamber for Radovan Karadžić, which is scheduled for March 24.

It was stated that, after the termination of the process of accreditation, the ICTY registered attendance requests by more than 150 victims, over 200 journalists, more than 50 representatives of states and members of the diplomatic core and more than 100 representatives of the academic community, researchers and representatives of civil society organizations.

In order to host as many visitors as possible, the ICTY is using all available space in their own premises, as well as the additional space in the nearby conference center. The entire space around the ICTY will be blocked on the day of the verdict pronouncement and access will be controlled by the Dutch police forces.

The ICTY does not have capacities to host additional visitors, thus only those who have already been accredited will be granted access to the premises of the ICTY or the nearby area.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba/ photo aljazeera)

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