Heavy Snow prompts State of Emergency, impedes Traffic in BiH Cities

Several municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) declared on Monday a state of emergency over heavy snow that caused numerous traffic accidents and closure of schools.

The cold snap from the north has hit the major area of BiH, causing snowy weather and sub-zero temperatures, impeding the traffic in BiH for last days, and especially on Monday, the Federal Institute for Hydrometeorology (FHMZ) said.

Municipality of Pale, located some 15 kilometers southeast of the capital and Kakanj, located 70 kilometers northeast of the capital, declared a state of emergency over snow storms and strong wind.

Due to icy road, bus landed off the road on Monday in Travnik, 90 kilometers northwest of the capital Sarajevo, causing 9 persons to be slightly injured, one heavily, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Central Bosnia Canton said.

The snow that intensified on Monday morning in BiH’s capital Sarajevo has caused six collisions of vehicles, the suspension of tram traffic, buses not driving to hilltop settlements, and made movement for pedestrians extremely difficult, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo confirmed to local media on Monday.

Air traffic was impeded due to snow and fog on Sarajevo International Airport (SIA) on Sunday evening and Monday morning when flights of Croatia Airlines from Zagreb and Austrian Airlines from Vienna and from Munich have been canceled, SIA said on Monday.

Snow caused the havoc on highways and roads, especially in Siroki Brijeg, a city located 150 kilometers southwest of the capital Sarajevo, where schools have been closed, and public transport does not operate.

On Monday morning, due to icy road, two traffic accidents happened in Banja Luka, a city located 190 kilometers from the capital Sarajevo, where three persons died and three were injured, out of which, one severely.

BiH Automoto Club (BIHAMK) warned that, due to snow and ice, driving is difficult on the majority of roads in BiH, and especially in the mountainous roads. Drivers are advised to drive with maximum caution and not go on a journey without winter equipment, which is legally required for all categories of vehicles, BIHAMK adds.

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