In this collection, materials and techniques which are on the verge of extinction have been used

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]”Nina Collection 2015/16″ is a unique collection of Dada Art Design studio in Valencia (Spain) of the designer Daliborka (Dada) Kiš Juzbaša, who will officially open the 35th Nivea BH Fashion Week Sarajevo on November 14, 2015.

Ines Jovanović, the World Top Model BiH 2015, and Tamara Lukić, both models of the fashion agency Abc Models, shot an editorial for Dada Art Design Valencia behind which is the famous name Daliborka Kiš Juzbaša , a fashion designer from Banja Luka who lives and works in Spain.

Model Ines Jovanović was elected the World Top Model B&H by the Italian fashion scouts, and she is to travel to the world pageant World Top Model in Rome, Italy in December 2015. Prior to departure to Rome, Jovanović shot a fashion editorial in Valencia, Spain for the renowned fashion designer Daliborka Kiš Juzbaša from Banja Luka, who will officially open the 35th Nivea Fashion Week Sarajevo on November 14, 2015.

Take a look at the photos and “behind the scenes” video of the Fashion Editorial Dada Art Design Valencia Fall/Winter 2015/2016 shooting in Spain.

Besides Ines Jovanović, Tamara Lukić was also selected for the shooting of beautiful, fairytale-like fashion editorial in Valencia, Spain, at the Playa de Moncofa. Both attractive beauties truly enjoyed in the shooting of unique collection “Nina Collection” by the fashion brand Dada Art Design Valencia.

Dada Art Design creates special, unique garments for women, as well as unusual and unique jewelry and footwear, and its latest collection will be presented to the BH public on the occasion of the official opening of the 35th Nivea BH Fashion Week Sarajevo on November 14, 2015.

Models: Ines Jovanović and Tamara Lukić ABC

Styling: Dada Art Design Studio Valencia, Spain

Makeup and hairstyle: Zumra Softić ABC STUDIO

Photo by: Baris

Nina Collection 2015/16” is a unique collection consisting of hand-made coats, overcoats, ponchos and dresses made with artistic felting technique, pairs of unique shoes and jewelry and scene accessories for theater and film industry. The material used the most is felting wool, mostly the finest merino wool of eighteen microns from the south of Spain, together with mulberry and German types of merino wool with a larger number of microns. Backgrounds of the coats are made of German wool fabrics, antique cotton knitwear and gauzes which were hand-dyed by the designer.

When asked why this collection is so special, Daliborka answered: “It is unique. In this collection, materials and techniques which are on the verge of extinction have been used. The garments are mostly completely hand-made, only with a small part of garments I could not avoid using machines. The coats are made with artistic felting technique; I dyed them and the wool with painting techniques. On them you can find elements of naïve painting and Russian expressionism. Jewelry and accessories on the shoes were made with polymer clays by modeling or some of world-known techniques of polymer clay processing with addition of natural pears, Swarovski crystals, glass, and other elements. Several sets of jewelry were made with a technique I invented myself and called it “Branch”. The entire collection exudes floristry and antique”.

Precisely the coats, dresses and ponchos and the entire collection made of top materials, together with creative design, are reasons why Dada Art Design Valencia imposed as the leading studio in the field of unique garments, jewelry and footwear for women in B&H and Spain also, and this collection certainly confirms that.


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