Initiative for Monitoring B&H European Integration Expressed Disappointment at B&H Politicians

bih i euMembers of the Initiative express disappointment at the failure of political parties to agree on the implementation of Sejdić- Finci against B&H and condemn the irresponsible behavior of politicians who hinder the further progress of B&H in the process of European integration.

Political parties have once again shown that they do not care about the interests and the demands of the citizens of B&H since the process of European integration is the only common goal and wish of all those who live in B&H. Stopping the process of integration will affect daily lives with the stopping of EU grants in a time when B&H is increasingly indebted in order to reduce budget deficits,

Such behavior by politicians shows the absence of a democratic political culture, maturity and political responsibility.

Members of the Initiative call on politicians to finally show maturity in resolving key issues in the B&H political system and move away from maximalist demands and nationalist rhetoric.

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