It is now known when the Budget of the BiH Institutions will be adopted

Due to the inaction and blockade of state institutions, primarily the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), no one can say with certainty when the budget of institutions and international obligations for 2021 and 2022 will be adopted. Clear warnings are coming from some parties at the state level that the budget will not be adopted until the Election Law is amended.

“At the state level, the minimum wage is 475 marks, I think that says it all about all other salaries if we start from the minimum. We will come up with new demands to get at least that federal minimum wage. We are ready to go further and if necessary, we will go to protests every day, ” warned the president of the SIPA Trade Union, Edin Kahrimanovic.

“The salary from 2008 was steep, it was reduced two to three times, so that police officers or employees in police agencies have a 33 percent lower salary, while for all other users, all cantonal police, it grew up to 100 percent,” noted the president of the Federation of Trade Unions of Police Bodies, Dragan Krvavac.

Another obstacle that could jeopardize the adoption of the budget for 2022 is the three-year budgeting framework, on which there was no consensus.

“This framework is a precondition for drafting the budget. For my part, I will do my best to achieve the global fiscal framework, but we have not succeeded so far. Without the global fiscal framework, we will hardly reach the budget,” said the chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Zoran Tegeltija.

“Blockades, what SNSD is doing with its partners, unfortunately very often supported by HDZ BiH, are an obvious blockade that is on the scene. Citizens and both entities are suffering. We see no reason for such a blockade,” said the head of the SDA Caucus in the Parliamentary Assembly (PA) of BiH, Adil Osmanovic.

A number of other problems will certainly arise. These are issues of financing the eventual elections for 2022, but these are issues that are uncertain for various political reasons, “emphasized Predrag Kozul, HDZ BiH representative in the House of Representatives of the PABiH.

Instead of higher salaries, we received temporary funding. Everything else, such as capital investments, investments in sports and culture, is on hold until further notice. Also, 30 million marks planned in the budget for 2021 are on hold, an amount which was envisaged as an aid to the health sector in the fight against coronavirus.


Source: bhrt

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