Ivan Petrović from Sarajevo donated Blood for the 100th time!

ivan-petrovicAccompanied by two colleagues, the 54-year-old Ivan Petrović yesterday voluntarily donated blood for the 100th time in the Institute for Transfusion Medicine. As he says, he does not have the intention to stop.

Ivan Petrović, Emil Porišić and Nedim Dazdarević are employees of the company BH Pošta. Emil donated blood eight or nine times until now, and Nedim donated blood 14 times.

Employees of this company donate blood regularly, and they have been doing this together since they started working in the same office.

Ivan’s colleagues did not tell him that journalists will be present. They wanted to surprise him and let the public know about the humanity of this man.

Ivan has been donating blood since he turned 18. The only break he made was when he was ill. Treatment and therapies lasted for several years and Ivan is now healthy, which was proven by medical examinations.

Since one dose of donated blood contains 450 milliliters, Ivan donated nearly 50 liters of blood in his lifetime. Only one dose is enough to save someone’s life.

“Many people think that donating blood is an obligation. I have been donating blood since I turned 18 and I do not have the intention to stop. I do not know if I saved any lives or how much, but I hope I did,” said Ivan.

Blood donors lead a normal life, they do not change their lifestyle nor that is required. People have different prejudices about the life of blood donors, but they in fact lead a normal life, they are healthy and they enjoy their life, feeling happiness that at least three to four times a year they can donate blood that can save someone’s life.

(Source: klix.ba)

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