Jonathan Moore: Radončić told me he will be arrested!

Johnatan Moore CD youtubeHead of the OSCE Mission in B&H Ambassador Jonathan Moore was a guest last night in the TV program Centralni dnevnik Senada Hadžifejzovića on FACE TV, where he spoke of the arrest of the president of the Alliance for Better Future (SBB) Fahrudin Radončić and other current happenings in B&H.

Moore highlighted that Radončić told him that he will be arrested before it happened, but that he thought it will not happen.

“Radončić did not ask for anything from me (related to the Kelmendi case). He told me, and he told others as well, that he expects he will be arrested on January 11. I did not expect that to happen,” Moore said.

Moore said that it is still early to draw any conclusions regarding this arrest and that one should wait to see the results of the investigation by the Court and the Prosecution.

“It is very important that judicial institutions in B&H works in accordance with the law and facts. All of this happened several days ago and we have to see whether there will be an indictment and what will Radončić be charged with. It is too early to make any conclusions, they have to do their work. I have never interfered with the investigations and operations of the prosecution,” Moore said.

Hadžifejzović also touched upon the topic of the arming of Serbia and Croatia and asked Moore what they need the arms for and whether B&H should be worried or not.

“B&H is not a target for either Croatia or Serbia and I believe that smart people, true statesmen, in both Belgrade and Zagreb will make practical relations. Both countries are obliged to publish the data on the amount of arms every year. If the numbers are below limits, the arming poses no problem,” Moore said.

(Source: klix.ba)

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