Do you know the Story of the Telali Street in Sarajevo? 

telaliThe Telali Street stretches along the northern side of the City Hall in Sarajevo and goes all the way to the Baščaršija Square, next to the name-like market Telali, where it connects to the Mula Mustafe Bašeskije Street.

At the initiative of the former Ottoman regent Topal Osman-pasha, one part of the street was cut off and named after him, the Osman-pasha’s road. However, the people of Sarajevo called it the New road, which can be seen from the first cadastre plans made soon after the Austro-Hungarian occupation.

The street was named Telali sometime around 1885. Common belief is that it was most probably not named after telali, people who announced news and events, but after owners of stores who loudly advertised (telaliti) their products.

After the First World War, the street was named after the writer Petar Kočić. During occupation from 1941 until 1945 it was called Telali again, and after Sarajevo was liberated in 1945 it was again called Petar Kočić Street. The street was once again renamed in 1993, when the name Telali was returned.

Today, it is a busy road with Telali market, several stores with jewelry, souvenirs and couple business offices, and a cafe shop where retirees gather. City Hall and Sebilj are in the vicinity.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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