Loan for the Continuation of the Construction of the Highway A1 approved

New Loan for Corridor 5C Approved oslobodjenje.baWith the majority of votes at yesterday’s session, the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of B&H approved the decision according to which the Federal Government accepts the indebtedness of the FB&H on the Contract on funding between the European Investment Bank (EIB) and B&H for the implementation of the Project Corridor 5C in the amount of 100 million EUR for the PE Motorways of the FB&H.

These funds are intended for the implementation of the Project Corridor 5C at the section Pocitelj – Bijaca, sub-section Pocitelj – Zvirovici.

The means are approved to the FB&H with repayment period of 25 years and a six-year grace period, and the loan will be transferred to Motorways of the FB&H.

At the same time, the Government of the FB&H gave consent for the conclusion and consonance of the appropriate Sub-contract with Motorways of the FB&H which will, for the purpose of regular repayment, define the refund conditions.

The Government authorized the Federal Minister of Finance for the signing of Subsidiary agreement and Sub-contract on the loan.

Sub-section Pocitelj – Zvirovici, 11.2 meters long, starts with Pocitelj loop, approximately 1.8 kilometers west from the settlement Domanovici.

The route extends over the Pocitelj plateau towards the south, and then turns towards west at the village Gradina where it crosses the Neretva River on the northern side of Pocitelj.

The crossing over the Neretva River, as well as over the main road M17, then the regional road and railway Ploce – Sarajevo, will be realized with a 980 meters long bridge with 85 meters high pillars.

After that, the route enters somehow unfavorable terrain which it surmounts with two shorter tunnels (240 m and 460 m) and two 155 meters long viaducts. Furthermore, the highway extends over the plateau of the Mountain Crna Greda towards the Zvirovici loop (Medjugorje), where it ends.

In order to enter into force, this decision must also be approved by the House of Representatives of the Parliament of FB&H at the extraordinary session today.

(Source: klix.ba)

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