“Man of our history”: Mostar recalled Dzemal Bijedic

bijedic2On the occasion of 39th anniversary of the death of the great statesman and the President of the Executive Council of former Yugoslavia Dzemal Bijedic, the exhibition named “Dzemal man of our history” was held today in Mostar.

The exhibition, which is a result of the museum set up of the fund Dzemal Bijedic, which was collected after his tragic death, was organized at the Cultural Center Mostar by the Museum of Herzegovina, in order to preserve the memory on the person and work of the man who marked a significant period of history, not only of Mostar and B&H, but also the former Yugoslavia.

Mostar, except for the birth house of Dzemal Bijedic, which was opened back in 1981, has a permanent exhibition as well, and the University of Mostar has the name of Dzemal Bijedic.

“What is very important for us is that Dzemal Bijedic, who was born in Mostar, was also a great local patriot who worked a lot for the development and economic prosperity of Mostar and entire Herzegovina. Big improvement in the economy of all the municipalities in Herzegovina started under his active leadership in the ’60s,” said Rector of the University Dzemal Bijedic in Mostar Sead Pasic, stating that citizens have the opportunity to see his work at the exhibition.

“Dzemal Bijedic was committed to the strengthening of the statehood of B&H and he was one of the most deserving founders. How important was the statehood of B&H and its equal position with other republics was shown in events during 90’s. His contribution and efforts that Mostar, a city that he infinitely loved, get its own university were unmeasurable,” stated Pasic.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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