Members of B&H Armed Forces Returned From Afghanistan

vojniciIn the Banja Luka barracks ‘Kozara’, a welcoming ceremony was held for the infantry units from the composition of the 6th Infantry Brigade of the B&H Armed Forces from the Peace Support Mission (ISAF) in Afghanistan.

Commander of Operational Command of the B&H Armed Forces Dragan Vuković said that members of the unit have done their job professionally.

‘’Professionalism and training of members of the B&H Armed Forced in performing various tasks in peace support missions has been recognized by all partner countries with whom we have jointly participated in the mission’’, said Vuković.

According to him, this unit has provided that it can stand side by side with members of armed forces that are far more contemporary than the B&H Armed Forces.

The Mission lasted six months, and representatives of the Office attended the ceremony for the Defense of the US Embassy to B&H, military attaches accredited in B&H, and commanders and officers of the B&H Armed Forces.

(Source: klix.ba)

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