Minister Sarovic: Roads can be built with Concessions, without an Excise increase

Deputy Director of the Bosnian and Herzegovinian (BiH) Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH – Mirko Sarovic told reporters today in Sarajevo, that the proposal of amendments to the Excise Law was approved by the Council of Ministers, with a majority of votes.

“This is the fifth attempt. Party leaders and parliamentarians need to, through the proceedings of the House of Peoples and the House of Representatives, make an agreement about that, “ said Sarovic.

He reminded that ministers from the Alliance for Changes were against enforcement of this law, primarily because of the “wrong moment”.

“We have found it unnecessary for the fifth time to submit the same law in the procedure, regardless of the argumentation about its significance. We have used this argumentation even earlier, as it is quite clear that there is also another argumentation that by enacting this law fuel price will increase to 15.18 pfening, since it is necessary to include VAT on this price, “ said Sarovic.

He added that they though insisting on credit only was a wrong option and that infrastructure construction could be funded in other ways by concession contracts, which no one is mentioning these days.

“Two concession contracts are in the institutions and there is no agreement on two routes of Corridor Vc in the Republika Srpska (RS) and in the Federation of BiH. We believe that our argumentation is quite right,“ Minister Sarovic said.



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