MP in Canton Sarajevo Assembly Dzevad Poturak brought Brooms and Shovels at the Session (video)

SBB party MP Dzevad Poturak had a performance at the Sarajevo Canton Assembly when he brought brooms and shovels to, he said, help the government finally get to work.

"When will the government start working exactly?" he asked Prime Minister Edin Forto at the beginning.

"Mr. Forto, I would ask you to use the fantastic authority of Konakovic, who for many years was prime minister, chairman, leader of the Six, Three and has the largest number of ministers in Canton Sarajevo, to start doing something. I brought a few shovels and brooms. That is my symbolic donation to the canton to get something started, ”he said.

He said his donation of three brooms and three shovels should move the Three to concrete action after eight months of taking office.

"Start doing something, stop dealing only with empty promises. I hope you will clean the canton with shovels and brooms, continue where Mario Nenadic left off or where you started those years ago. When will you wash the roads? When will you finish and let in function of the space tram stop on Otoka? The cleanliness of the city before Sarajevo Film Festival is never worse, snakes everywhere. There is no serum, which means that when a snake bites us, we need to find someone to suck it in, "he said, Klix.ba writes.

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