Nedžad Begović satisfied with his art exhibition

B&H artist Nedžad Begović who is very successful as a director, is very pleased with the reaction of the audience to his art exhibition with a funny name ”Do you have Begović in your guest room?”. His art exhibition was presented at the art Gallery ”Java”.

” The reactions are more than great. The art exhibition will be open at ”Java” for a while longer. All in all, many houses in Sarajevo now have me in their guest rooms”- said Begović.

He also adds that he had several offers to present his interesting art exhibition outside of B&H. He received invitations from Slovenia and Sweden to present his exhibition in March. Nedžad Begović became famous because of his documentary film, and he will continue making documentaries in 2013. He is currently working on the next documentary, which will be called ”Beško”.

” My goal is to do five or six documentaries. I always try to find people with interesting stories. I bought a camera, and whatever crosses my mind I record it. I am very hard working and I don’t want to let the hard financial climate step over my creativity.”- said Begović.


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