New Modern Facilities in Center “Safet Zajko”

12834639_1740361759533834_1263131875_nPublic enterprise for management, protection and maintenance of the facilities owned by the Municipality of Novi Grad, “Lokom” Ltd Sarajevo, announced tender for the works on the installation of video surveillance in the Center Safet Zajko.

The value of the contract amounts to 128,205.00 BAM, and the deadline for applications is the 30th of March 2016.

Center Safet Zajko was opened in September last year, after one part was completely renovated thanks to the efforts of the Municipality of Novi Grad.

The center covers the area of 11 hectares. Green spaces are covering a little less than 54,500 m2, while the rest of the space is filled with various facilities such as athletic tracks. Moreover, the landscaped area of about 50,000 m2 includes a stadium with artificial grass, playground for beach volleyball, basketball court, children’s playground, hall for martial arts, fitness outdoors, and visitors also have a free Wi- fi network.


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