NSB&H Representatives Chose Training Camp During World Championship in Brazil

casa_grande-1Members of the delegation of the B&H Football Association, General Secretary Jasmin Baković and the Secretary of the coaching staff Elmir Pilav were in Brazil for the last few days in order to choose a training camp for the best B&H football players.

After inspection of stadiums, the training fields and hotels in Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and Cuiaba, where the B&H team will play in the group phase at the 2014 World Cup, they visited individual training camps in order to find the most suitable base for their stay before and after Mundial, announced the NSB&H.

Having in mind that FIFA began the process yesterday of registering training camps, it was necessary to react very quickly and apply for the appropriate destination where the B&H team will stay.

After internal consultations within NSB&H, among several options, the hotel complex ‘Casa Grande’ (5 stars) was chosen to apply for, which is 100 km from Sao Paolo and located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

The resort ‘Casa Grande’ has all the necessary modern facilities for accommodation for the players, coaching staff and NSB&H delegation. The stadium where the Dragons will train is located five km from the hotel and will be fully reconstructed and ready until the beginning of preparations for the World Cup.

In accordance with FIFA rules, the B&H team will travel to every game from the registered training camp, one or two days before the date of the match and will come back after the end of the match. The travels will be organized through charter flights.

The team is required to travel to the training camp at least five days before the first match is scheduled to take place (Rio de Janeiro: Argentina-B&H, 15.06.2014). A detailed program of preparation for the World Cup will be defined later, announced the NSB&H.

(Source: Fena)

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