On the other Side of Ivan, Sun, clean Air and Seagulls

While Sarajevo is faced with cold and strong wind for several days, only about 40 kilometers towards south, in Konjic, the situation is totally different.

Sun and a beautiful winter day with clean air attracted a large number of citizens of Konjic and other residents to walk along the Kamena ćuprija (Stone Bridge) and the old heart of the town.

Many visitors came to escape cities that are suffocating in smog, where they have not seen the sun for days.

Konjic is a town and municipality located in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in northern Herzegovina, around 50 kilometres (31 mi) southwest of Sarajevo. It is a mountainous, heavily wooded area, and is 268 m (879 ft) above sea level. The municipality extends on both sides of the Neretva River. As of 2013, it has a population of 26,381 inhabitants.

The town is one of the oldest permanent settlements in Bosnia, dating back almost 4000 years; the city in its current incarnation arising as an important town in the late 14th century.


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