One Month Custody for Member of BiH Armed Forces who Shot Her Husband in Sarajevo

Alija Sadikovic (30), who hurt her husband Denis on Wednesday after firing on him at the parking lot in Sarajevo’s Ciglane settlement, was ordered a one-month custody.

This was confirmed to Avaz newspapers by the judge of the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo Husein Delalic.

He explained that Sadikovic was detained because of the possibility of repetition of the criminal offense.

Lawyer Dzema Milaimi-Hasanagic, representing Sadikovic, said today that in this case she cannot speak of a murder attempt that the Prosecution insists on, but that it was a necessary defense.

Sadikovic, who fired on Denis Sadikovic, her husband, is a first-class soldier of the Armed Forces of BiH, which was rewarded for her participation in OSBiH.

Unoficially, the suspect and her husband, Denis, have been having problem sin marriage for a long time, for which they have started a divorce lawsuit.

According to unofficial information, Denis physically attacked his wife, after which she pulled out the gun and shot hi in leg.

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