Pensioners dissatisfied with the Allowance of 50 BAM

In the middle of last month, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) made a decision to pay an additional 50 BAM to all pensioners. Even though this is a one-time aid, we are now convinced that this move disappointed many third-age citizens, mainly because they hoped to get a larger sum of money.

Payment of December pensions began yesterday at noon in the entire FBiH, and in front of bank branches in all parts of Sarajevo, lines of pensioners were formed an hour earlier. While talking to them, reporters found out that they were not satisfied with the financial aid.

“Is it enough? It’s so much that I think I would beg more on Principovo than the 50 BAM they gave us. I think I would be ashamed to go out on the street if I were in their place. Poor people, shame on what they do. Let them be ashamed,” told one of the citizens.

One pensioner stated that she will pack 50 BAM in an envelope and put it in Novalic‘s mailbox. The lady next to her sadly commented that pensioners barely survive and that the money they receive from the state is often not enough for utilities and basic necessities.

One of the pensioners was asked to present how she plans to spend an additional 50 BAM, to which she replied indignantly that she would buy fruits and vegetables at the market.

“You go to the market and pick pepper by pepper, you take it by number,” she noted, adding that even her total monthly pension is not enough to live on: “I get a minimum pension. After I pay utilities, keep something for children, I have nothing left. I wear my old pants.

There is a very noticeable disappointment among those gathered, they are outraged and frustrated by the amount of allowance they received for December.

An older couple said that they would buy bags for 50 BAM, while adding sarcastically: “We got rich, maybe we’ll buy a car.”

The pensioners are usually known as the most talkative interlocutors. But, this time, not many of them wanted to give statements, so by pushing the camera and the microphone, they pointed out that “they have nothing more to say to this kind of government”.




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