Personal Piece of History: Citizens of Sarajevo shared Memories on the World War I

12067130_1741971146039562_1319226958_nThe project “Days of collecting memories of the World War I, 1914 – 1918”, started today in the premises of the National and University Library of BiH in Sarajevo.

This is the project by the European, which is aiming to create a unique European archives from the period of the World War I. The doors of the Library will be opened on Friday and Saturday, between 10 am and 6 pm.

“The premises will be opened to all those who have any memories of the World War I, the family story or subject related to the story such as pictures, photographs, diary, weapons, or something else. They can come with all of that to the library where responsible persons will record their story and photograph items that will be returned to them after that, “said Muamera Smajic, head of the Old and rare collections and manuscripts and coordinator of the project.

The project lasts from 2011, and it started in England at the University of Oxford. European then joined Oxford after which collecting was held in Germany. Later on, similar events followed all across the Europe, and 180 days of collecting took place.

“Parallel with the event in Sarajevo, gathering will be held in Poland and the Czech Republic. We are hoping for a good response because it is very important for us to contribute to the common cultural legacy that is related to the period of the World War I. We are hoping that people will understand and participate in the creation of this unique pan-European archives,” stated Smajic.

Photo is being placed on a substrate, followed by a photographing on and then the other side. The material is stored in an external hard drive and will be placed on the website of European. Classical scanning is avoided because they want to achieve better photos, which include sharpness and details. If the subject is three-dimensional, it will be recorded from all angles.

Few people with their stories came on Friday before 12 pm, and more than 16 photos from the period of the World War I was collected. The organizers are hoping for much greater response on Saturday.

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