Peter Sorensen Supports Campaign “Euromelanoma in BiH”

kozmetika-06In Sarajevo today the company “Euromelanoma in BiH” was presented, which is placed under the auspices of the Head of the EU Delegation and the EU Special Representative to BiH Peter Sorensen for the second year.

This campaign, which will last from 22-26 April, will mark the European Days in the fight against melanoma.

During the campaign in health care facilities in 30 cities throughout BiH, there will be a check-up for moles and other skin changes organized for citizens and intervention specialists will be available if needed.

The Association for Prevention and Fight Against Skin Cancer “Melanoma in BiH” and the Association of Dermatologists of the RS organize the campaign.

Noting the importance of the campaign to raise awareness of the importance of prevention and detection of suspicious lesions in the early stages, Ambassador Sorensen called on the people to use the opportunity to visit a dermatologist in institutions throughout BiH.

He said that the data from the World Health Organization shows that there is an evident rise in the number of people afflicted with this disease, and that it underlines the importance of this campaign.

“This campaign is being held for the first time in BiH. I think that the activities of dermatologists in BiH, in the framework of “Euromelanoma” should be an example to all other professions and professionals as to how to act”, said Sorensen.

Today’s presentation of the campaign was attended by organizers of the campaign Association for Prevention and Fight Against Skin Cancer, Melanoma in BiH and the Association of Dermatologists from the RS, Dr. hana Helppikangas, Marina Bera, Assistant Federal Minister for Health and Dr. Milan Latinović, Assistant Minister of Health of the RS, Prof. Dr. Faris Gavrankapetanović, Dr. Nenad Vanis and Dr. Dragana Starović, organizer of the campaign “Euromelanoma” for the RS.

They emphasized the importance of primary prevention in spreading awareness about malign cancer in human pathology, and expect that their joint work would contribute to the health of BiH citizens.

“Euromelanoma” is a pan-European campaign for the prevention of skin cancer, which works to inform the public about skin cancer prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

Unique to this year’s motto for all participating countries is “Skin Cancer Can Be Seen-See It, Stop It!”

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