Positive Story: Anonymous Bosnian builds Sebilj

Works on the construction of Sebilj started at the town boulevard in Zivinice,  as announced by Mayor of that municipality, Samir Kamenjakovic.

The value of these works is estimated at around 60, 000 BAM, and an anonymous citizen of Zivinice took part in the financing of this project.

“I would like to especially emphasize that besides the participation of the Municipality of Zivinice where we provided the water system, pumps, and certain co-financing, our fellow citizen who wanted to stay anonymous helped in the financial part of the construction of this facility, and I want to thank him on this occasion. I hope that we will have this type of co-financing for other projects in the future as well,” said Kamenjakovic.

The Mayor added that this will be a really great facility that will mark Zivinice in a whole different light.

“We will do our best to make some places around the Sebilj in order for our citizens to gather and socialize, and that will give another special value to this whole project,” said Kamenjakovic.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)

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