Presentation of the book by Zlatko Hadžidedić

Today, Zlatko Hadžidedić will present his book ”Forced to be Free: the Paradoxes of Liberalism and Nationalism ” at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo.

The book has already been presented in October last year in Germany in its English version.

Professors Šaćir Filandra, Ismet Grbo and Esad Zgodić will talk about the book.

Zgodić said that Hadžidedić offered an original theory of conceptual and historical roots of nationalism and reasons of its permanent presence in modern society.

Hadžidedić wrote that liberalism, from its early beginnings until today, promotes nation and nation-state as the only possible framework for establishing liberal-democratic system, adding that liberalism works on generating nationalist collectivism.

He added that the victory of liberal democracy over communism in Eastern Europe brought with it the rise of nationalism.

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