President of Montenegro comments on the possibility of War in BiH

The President of Montenegro, Milo Dukanovic, said that the Greater Serbia nationalism attacked Montenegro again, misreading the messages from last year’s parliamentary elections.

He said that Montenegro has shown that true values can be defended from the opposition as well.

“Greater Serbian nationalists have broken their teeth in Montenegro this year and will only break them,” Djukanovic said, RTCG reports.

When asked how he experienced the reception of the Montenegrin Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic in Belgrade, he said that it was “a greater shame for the host than for the guest”.

“It is disrespect for the anthem, the flag, the honor guard and Serbia itself. “Allowing such an act of welcoming a high state guest from any country is a serious foul,” Djukanovic believes.

Commenting on the situation in the region, he assessed that all the worsening of the political and security situation, as well as the closing of the European perspective, are most drastically broken through Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“It has been 26 years since the implementation of the Dayton Agreement provided the preconditions for the functionality of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Dukanovic.

He pointed out that, due to various compromises that were made to the detriment of BiH, there was a renewal and strengthening of nationalism.

“Great-state nationalisms, which threatened BiH, were not buried, although they were defeated. It was an excessive optimism to believe that these ideas were buried, “said Djukanovic.

According to him, domestic nationalists have exploited many inconsistencies in the politics of the international community.

“They were waiting for their time, they wished for the aggravation of relations, they celebrated the alleged strengthening of Russia on the international scene, although I believe that only its destructive potential has been strengthened,” said Djukanovic. Noting that Russia’s destructive policy has been very widespread towards the Western Balkans, the President of Montenegro added that he thinks that it is not only destructive, but also self-destructive policy. Asked whether war is possible in BiH, he said he would not rule out any scenario. “I have been warning for years that the European Union and NATO have left one room in the European house to others, which is not only irresponsible towards the Balkans, but also towards Europe and NATO,” said Dukanovic.

Source: raport.ba

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