Price of Oil on the World Market continue to fall, cheaper Fuel in B&H as well?

fuelPrice of oil on the world market are continuing to fall, and we are expecting the further decrease in prices of fuel at gas stations in B&H in the following days.

Today, at one moment, the price of crude oil Brent fell below 50 USD, but soon stabilized again on 50.3 USD.

Lower price of crude oil affects the lower price of fuel for the final customers as well. Lela Glibo, Head of Sector for Domestic Trade, Pricing, Market Analysis and Development at the Federal Ministry of Trade of B&H, confirmed that yesterday they have received a total of 85 requests for reduction of the price of fuel at gas stations in FB&H.

“Prices will be lower for 5 pfennigs and generally price of diesel and fuel oil will be decreased, while there were very few requests for cheaper petrol. The price of diesel will be 2.00 BAM, while so far it was generally 2.06 BAM” she said.

Decrease in fuel prices is present in neighboring countries as well. In Croatia, the price of petrol fell by 23 lipa per liter and now stands at 9.84 HRK, while the price of diesel is close to 8.79 HRK.

Oil derivatives will be cheaper from midnight on the Slovenian gas stations as well, and the price of petrol will be lower by 2.2 Euro cent, while prices for diesel and fuel oil will be lower by 0.9 cents.



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