Prices in BiH continue to rise, Farmers send Warnings

With inflation, drought, and rising prices of energy sources, prices of food and necessities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will only rise in the following period, and the question is how long this rising trend will last.

Nedzad Bico, president of the Farmers’ Association of the Federation of BiH (FBiH), claims that the situation is not promising.

If we only take into account the price of seeds, fertilizers, and plant protection products, autumn sowing of wheat on one hectare last year amounted to 1.019 BAM, while this year it already amounts to 2.200 BAM, with a tendency of further growth since fertilizer is becoming more expensive each day, ” Bico warned.

Worst of all, as he said, is that labor and fuel are not included in the mentioned price of autumn sowing of wheat.

We do not know what will happen in the end, but at current prices, in the spring, a bag of flour of 25 kilograms could amount to over 30 BAM, they pointed out from the Association of FBiH.

The solution to this situation, as they mentioned, is in the implementation of their proposals.

We have been proposing and warning for years that it is necessary to activate commodity reserves within the FBiH so that when there are goods, they can buy them, store them, and intervene in such situations. Besides, the state should take care of the allocation for agriculture in order to sow more land, but also to take care of safe purchase and protection of domestic production, so that people work and have enough of their own production, and not become completely dependent on importsand that others dictate everything to us, emphasized the president of the Farmers‘ Association of FBiH.


Source: oslobodjenje


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