Radončić staying in House Arrest with prohibitive Measures?

12784414_1117514551632833_846028794_nThe Court of BiH rejected the appeals by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH to take the president of the Alliance for Better Future (SBB) and delegate in the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH Fahrudin Radončić back to custody for violating the prohibitive measures, as well as the appeals by Radončić’s legal team on certain prohibitive measures, confirmed one of the attorneys, Asim Crnalić.

“Today I received the decision from the Court of BiH, rejecting the appeal by the Prosecutor’s Office and the defense appeal as unsubstantiated regarding the decision by the Court of BiH on determination of restrictive measures – the abandonment of domicile. The defense has not appealed on other prohibitive measures,” Crnalić said.

As a reminder, Radončić was arrested on January 25 and released from jail on February 17 with restrictive measures. The Prosecutor’s Office charges him with obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit a criminal offense and giving rewards or other forms of benefits for trade of influence.

(Source: nap.ba)

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